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Land For Sale

Just how do you find land for sale?

Before the advent of the Web, locating land for sale often proved a long, tedious process. Self build has helped drive the market forward, no longer does one have to wait for development companies to build property, it is possible for anyone to buy a kit house, or hire an architect to make their dreams a reality. The Web has helped unite the service provider (architect, builder, kit house vendor) with the customer like never before.

Investment in land for sale has rocketed in recent times, with returns of 300% often being seen on self-build projects. Plots of land for sale are increasing in value, but for those prepared to take the risk of seeking planning permission and building their own home, the returns are far beyond those of most other investments. Land investment can provide a long term investment, supplement your investment portfolio or be purchased speculatively and could achieve gains of 300% or more once planning permission is acquired.

Is land for sale a good investment?

Land for sale as an investment, usually follows traditional property prices. Undeveloped land for sale is getting more and more scarce as more houses are needed to solve the housing crisis. This is helping to push up the cost of land.

Calculating the Value of Plots of Land for Sale

The value of plots of land for sale can be found by identifying similar sized plots that have already been developed. The land should equate to approximately 35-45% of the market value of the entire property.

Take for example - a three bedroom detached house on a plot of 0.25 acres, priced at £265,000. The plot value would be approximately £106,000. The percentage value will vary between locations but this would give a rough guide to potential local land prices. Don't forget that land for sale with planning permission will be worth substantially more than a plot of land for sale with no permission. Ease of planning permission can vary widely between locations and it is vital that you have planning permission sorted before start any work, otherwise you may well be request to demolish anything you have built to date and return the land for sale to it's original state, all at your own cost!

PlotWorld lists land for sale with and without planning permission. Please check with the vendor / agent as to whether the building plot has planning permission.

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